Coke Dispenser (single)

by Miss Massive Snowflake



First Single from the forthcoming album, The Final Photograph


Do you know the time?
I'm watching your wrists.
Your features are defined.
Do you know the time?

My cellphone's on the blink.
Hands are busy anyway.
Hey baby, you OK?
Out here drowning in your spray.

I'm Driving To LA
Let's go.

Sunset Boulevard into Silverlake
I'm in the rear view mirror and
I'm checking out your hair.
Hollywood Boulevard rainbows everywhere.
Sunset Boulevard into Silverlake
and I'm driving, I'm driving to LA.


Written by Shane de Leon
Recorded and Produced by Andy Brown at the Alchemy Lab.
Played by Jeanne Kennedy Crosby, Andy Brown, and Shane de Leon
Photograph by Angela Jenkins
This is North Pole Record Number 31
Starbage Music, ASCAP


all rights reserved



Miss Massive Snowflake montana

The band formed in 2006 and have performed over 700 shows in 12 countries and 40 states. Miss Massive Snowflake is lead by Shane de Leon and they play charismatic pop songs, electric observant narratives, and moody soundscapes.


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